Celebrating National Pasta Day with homemade pasta!

Celebrating National Pasta Day with homemade pasta!

October 17, 2012  |  Eats

Happy National Pasta Day! (I can’t believe there’s an actual website for this. Hahaha. Amazing!)

I figure there’s no better way to celebrate than to post about the pasta making class I took over at Haven’s Kitchen!

I got there a bit early, so I was able to meander around the front half of the Kitchen, which is actually a retail storefront.

They have tons of local as well as made in-house items, like Crown Maple Syrup, Bonnie’s Jams (Bonnie actually teaches classes on jamming there), and granola and pancake mixes.
Our class started with a glass of sparkling rose and a thorough hand washing. She then passed around some dough that had already been resting in the fridge for about 30 minutes (awesome pasta requires rest time). We did it up like a cooking show – we made some pasta dough on our own, but used the one that had been resting to put together our farfalle and ravioli.
There was quite a bit (like 10 minutes) of kneading going on before we could wrap the dough up and leave it aside to rest. Then there was the magical pasta machines. There was the fancy electric one:
And of course, there was also the legit hand crank type. We got to use the hand crank, which surprisingly enough, wasn’t difficult at all. After running the dough through, we used some delish ricotta and corn filling (homemade ricotta – which they told us how to make and which I’ll have to make as soon as I’m all setup in the new apartment) and made our raviolis. We also made farfalle, which were surprisingly simple to shape. Just pinch and squish, really.
Right about now, we were poured our second wine, a 2011 Gavi di Gavi “Vigna di San Martino” (note the blurry picture). They sent us a bunch of tasting notes, but really, all I need to know is that it went really well with the ravioli (which had a browned butter sauce).
Speaking of sauces, we made three. Well, technically two different sauces, but since one had sausage in it, she had to make a separate one sans the sausage for my non-meat-eating self. :D
We did a simple browned butter sauce (brown the butter, add some salt, pepper and parmesan as well as some leftover corn from the ravioli filling – so you can see what’s inside) and a bratwurst and broccoli raab sauce. Really simple as well, just olive oil, sausage (or none, for veggies like me), broccoli raab, salt, pepper and a generous bit of parmesan. We used some of the pasta water to make it more sauce-y.

Overall, the class was fun and we learned a lot more than just what was on the recipe list (like how to make a super simple pasta dough of just 1 cup flour + 2 eggs or how to DIY ricotta). Our chef, Ashton, also gave us a quick tour of the premises and some awesome canvas tote bags to take home. Plus 15% off anything you bought from retail side of the kitchen!

There were a few people in the class that have taken classes at the Institute of Culinary Education and said they hated it, but that’s still on my list to do. :) I’ve also taken classes (won ton making) on Skillshare that were really affordable (in comparison with these places).

NY foodies – have any of you taken classes out here? Any places worth suggesting? :D

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  1. Very cool! I love cooking classes (especially those that involve wine :)

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