Lunchtime Explorations

Lunchtime Explorations

September 27, 2011  |  Eats, Restaurant Reviews

My office is located right on top of Grand Central Station, and while I still stare in awe at the masses of people, the ridiculous amounts of trains, and the constellations on the ceiling, these past few days, I’ve been more interested in food.

Afterall, a girl’s gotta eat! Since Grand Central has a “dining concourse” with a bunch of interesting and new places to eat, I figure I’d try ALL of them before exploring the outside world. It helps that the weather has been cold and rainy, and leaving the building is a somewhat low priority for me at the moment. :)

So I previously tried Masato Sushi (pretty meh and unexciting) and some Chinese place that had pretty decent noodles and rice, but kind of horrible tofu. So much fish sauce, why!? Haha. Anyway, today’s adventure is Hale and Hearty.

This place pretty much always has a line that wraps all the way around their counter, and I figured that impatient New Yorkers waiting in line was a sign of good things to come. Hehe.

Opted for the the soup and wrap combo, and chose the Tomato Basil soup with rice (which came with soup crackers) and the Hummus wrap.

The soup was piping hot and loaded with basil and rice. I think the base was a little too tomato-ey for my tastes, though. Will probably try a different soup next time I go. All soups come with a choice of soup crackers, 7 grain bread or sourdough bread.  I went with the soup crackers, mostly because the three people ahead of me got soup crackers.

Tomato Basil with Rice soup

They were like soda crackers, but puffy and mini. So you didn’t have to break them up to throw them in your soup. Brilliant!

Soup Crackers!

The hummus wrap stole the show. I ended up going online to see exactly what the heck was in it, so I could try and re-create it for home lunch! (Roasted Red Peppers, Plum Tomatoes, Cucumber, Golden Raisins, Red Onion, Mesclun Mix & Sesame Dressing in a Whole Wheat Tortilla.). Whoever came up with this combo is my new best friend. The crunchy, sweet and savory mix made me wish I ordered the full wrap and no soup!

Hummus Wrap

A couple neat things about this place:

(1) They label their soups if they are Vegetarian (V), Low Fat (L) or Dairy Free (D), so people like me (veggies) can easily see what non-meat soups are available for consumption.

(2) They layout the amount of calories in their food! At first I thought I didn’t want to know, but my soup was only 110 calories! Win. :D (3) They also offer different sizes of soup (8 oz, 12 oz, 16 oz) as well as other sandwiches and tossed-to-order salads.

They have a TON of locations and most of them deliver! Check ‘em out here:

Hale and Hearty


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  1. I love Hale and Hearty. They have an awesome split pea soup. It’s vegetarian. AND those crackers are just awesome. I am so jealous right now. When I first moved here, that was the type of place I was looking for. And now you get to have it. All the time. I’m so jealous. Oh. I’m sorry. Did I already say that? ugh..

  2. OH Yum! Golden raisins is an interesting addition to the wrap – i’ll have to try, I love a little sweet in foods you’d expect to be all savory. Awesome (and dangerous) to work in a place with SO many great food options! Have fun exploring :)

  3. The Hawaiian in me wants to call that place Hale, like Ha-lei, like house? Or in the states is it “Hail” =/ Either way, the food looks good! That wrap sounds like something I’d love to try, and I’m usually one that prefers some sort of meat in my lunch.
    Those soup crackers, they serve those at my church for communion, so it’s weird when I see them for sale at a Safeway or in big bags like that. =P

    • You know, it’s pretty hilarious, but Ryan’s friends used to buy communion wafers in bulk and eat them while they were drinking! >< I had no idea they look like those soup crackers, Buddhist and all. Heh. Pretty weird, though!


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